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Common Size Errors!

Bra size, such as neck, weight and mode
Did you know that it can differ from day to day?

What situations show that the bra is not your size?
Let's Learn Together!


Are the straps making marks on your shoulders?
Try loosening them a little.

Do the straps fall off your shoulders? Try squeezing them a little.


Is he carrying it out?
If the cups do not fully enclose your breast, they may be too small.


Are the containers not filling completely?
It's time to choose a smaller size.


Is he making a mark? Try exploring the traveler. If it's still too tight, maybe you need a wider band and smaller cup size.
Your size may have changed, check your size on the Natty find my size page.


Does your bra go up?
Tighten the clasp a little tighter or you can get a smaller tape size.
You may even need a larger container.

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